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A Full Service
Digital Agency.

Imagine having an endless stream of leads coming in every single month for your business. You’ll have peace of mind not having to worry about where your next potential sale will come from.

We take a tailored approach to every client project, digging deep to find their target market and speaking directly to their customers. Leading to a much higher customer acquisition rate for your business.

Google Ads

At Covert Marketing we take a systematic approach to tailoring a strategy specifically for your business. Using comprehensive keyword research and market analysis, we are able to make sure your ads are shown to the right customers at the right time. Working with small to big budgets and everything in between, we guarantee results.

Web Design
& Development

89% of customers are likely to recommend a brand after a positive mobile website experience, so we make sure to take a mobile-first approach when it comes to all web design projects.

We’ll ensure that your website will be user-friendly, interactive, and have fast load times on any device, all while incorporating SEO strategies to make sure your website appears on page 1 of Google’s search results for relevant queries.

Social Media

Social media is where all your customers spend most of their time online. We can help your business connect with new and existing customers in an authentic way.

By targeting your customers through demographics such as age, gender, and region, we can foster a stronger connection between your customers and brand through tailored messaging. Whether you want to build brand awareness, or you are looking to increase sales, we have you covered.



We know that every business has different goals and marketing needs. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, which is why we take the time to learn the ins and outs of your business. We’ll craft a custom marketing plan that fits the unique needs of your business, and produces your desired results.

Strategic Approach



Launch Call & Discovery
Ensure alignment of goals, timelines, budgets and vision


Market Research & Analysis
Who is your “core customer”, what are their unique characteristics, motivational factors and demographics? Who are your competitors and what can we learn from them?


Custom Strategy Development
Utilizing the data extrapolated from our market research and analysis, we will develop a winning custom strategy based around your businesses unique characteristics. There is no, one size fits all approach.


With our strategy mapped out and agreed to, we can now being to implement. During this point in Covert’s process, we provide our clients with a landing page design, ads for review as well as any additional testing and evaluation to ensure a winning strategy


Data Driven Optimization
Analyze the data garnered to continuously optimize the campaign. We do so by implement and reviewing Analytics, Call Tracking, Heat Maps and more.


Monitoring & Maintenance
We consistently monitor campaign performance and budgets allowing us to quickly adjust the ads as needed. Using this data, we are able to improve performance month over month.





Our Team

Consistently delivering ROI, work we are personally proud of, and an exceptional client experience.


that speak for themselves

We employ proprietary strategies to deliver consistent results for our clients. By leveraging your data and though careful data analysis, we are able to gain very specific insights to your business, identify who your ideal customers are, what motivates them and how best to target them. Thus leading to better results and the ability to maximize your budget which in turn leads to an increased return on your marketing investment.

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